Thursday, 31 May 2007

Novel Progress - getting there

1,200'ish words written late last night. Very poor words they were too - when I'm tired my sentences seem to get shorter and shorter, my word choices more and more monosyllabic and descriptions non-existent (I do love writing dialogue) but hey, that's what editing is for right?

Oh - also started reading a very good book "Make Your Words Work (Proven Techniques for Effective Writing - for Fiction and NonFiction)" by Gary Grovost. Over the last couple of years my writing style has gone from adjective/adverb hell to very, very pared back and I feel like I need to put a bit more zing back into my writing. That's something I'm going to look at when I've finished the first draft.

I didn't go to sleep until 1.30am again but I put down more blankets on the floor and slept a little better. When the sun came up I reached out for my eye mask (courtesy of a Quantas flight last year), put it on and went back to sleep! Up at 9.15am ready for the kitchen lady to measure up. She's been and the revised kitchen plans will be dropped off this evening.

Just got back from the dump (bye, bye ten bags of garden rubbish) and am having a quick break before getting on with the next task (plastering the various cracks in the walls and ceilings that have appeared over the last few years). I'm going to need another 'holiday' after this one is over!


kathmcg said...

You're doing well, Cally, to keep going with the writing at the same time as house renovating. I tend to find I stop writing almost completely when we are doing a big house project - like last summer, when there was no kitchen I found I couldn't write a word.

A. Writer said...

Sounds like you've been incredibly busy! Well done getting some words written-they may not be the best words but like you said there's always editing!