Sunday, 13 May 2007

Novel Progress - HALF WAY!

1,481 words written tonight which means 50% of the novel has now been written. Hooray!

I started this blog so I could keep a record of my writing struggles and achievements and that now includes this novel so, mostly for me, here are my stats so far:

Started writing notes about the new novel: (roughly) 23 February 2007
Started writing novel: 15 March 2007
Number of words written between 15/03/07 and 13/05/07: 45,019
Average number of words written per day: 763

If I continue to write at this rate (and I write a 90,000 word novel) I should finish on: 15 July 2007 (and then the second draft begins).

That means I will have written a 90,000 word novel in 4 months. I thought I'd write it in 3 months (1,000 words a day give or take) but I haven't been quite that speedy. Still, four months doesn't sound too bad to me, though God knows how long the 2nd, 3rd, 4th (?) drafts will take to complete!

To be honest I've got no idea if I can keep up this pace. In A.Writer's blog I recently wrote that writing can be like an addiction and I do feel like writing this novel (as well as writing short stories and flashes and continually subbing stories to publications and comps) has taken over my life. When I'm not writing I'm thinking about writing or feeling guilty about not writing. For some reason I've developed a sense of urgency about this novel - I need to get it finished asap. That's partly because I'm used to writing short stories and I like to see results quickly and also because I'm scared that if I start to slack off this novel will go the same way as Novel #1 and I'll end up abandoning it. I want, need, to write a novel from beginning to end.

It's also because, over the last few years, I realised that life is short. We (by which I mean me) put off our dreams and ambitions because 'there's always tomorrow' but sometimes we don't get a tomorrow, sometimes our dreams are cut short. That, if I'm totally honest, is what keeps me writing (nearly) every day.

That said, I know my limits and I'm all written out for today - time for a glass of wine (or two!) and some mindless TV. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.


A. Writer said...

Well done! I'm impressed! You've done really well!

I think it's great that you've calculated when you should finish your book! It'll be interesting to see if you keep to that date.

The bit in your post about putting things off until tomorrow has struck a chord with me. I have a habit of putting things off and feeling bad about it later.

By the way, I've entered the competition! I sent my stuff off earlier today-thanks to your help with my synopsis! Eek!

Cally said...

Thanks A.Writer. Am going to do my best to meet that deadline but I suspect I may slow down when writing the second half (will try not to though - would be nice to finish a book in 4 months whilst working full time!)

Procrastination was my middle name for YEARS (and I still procrastinate about doing boring things like sending off bills, going to the dentist etc etc) but not writing, not any more!

Congrats on getting your entry into Miss Write. If you're anything like me you'll feel a sense of relief knowing that it's gone and there's nothing more you can do. The wait for the result is going to be a killer but I'm going to try not to think about it (ha! Easier said than done)

A. Writer said...

I do feel relieved-feel worried too. Maybe they won't be able to open the attachments, that I've sent the wrong thing... etc. etc. I'll just have to forget about it now.

The wait will be a killer, I agree, but I've got plenty to keep me occupied I hope!

Cally said...

I wouldn't worry too much. I received an email acknowledging that my entry had been received. It's probably automated but I'm sure they'd let you know if they couldn't open your entry.

Jake the Poacher said...

I like your blog because we can all relate to the word race and the various related calcuations - like how many words fit onto a published page, how many you have to write to have a respectably thick book etc. I also aim for 2000 and am happy with 12-15000. The only thing is the calculations always go awry as you change, edit etc. I'm also on 50,000 though and aiming for 80-100... so good luck! thanks also as i've just discovered a rash of good blogs by clicking and onclicking (?) from yours... I wish more of them were on mybloglog as it picks up your visit automatically! anyway, you have to read to be read, so i'm off to check em out.

Cally said...

Hi Jake. Thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment. Everything I've read suggests 80,000-100,000 is the average size length for a novel so I decided to plump for midway!

Glad you like the blogs I've linked to. Enjoy reading them - I do. And do come again! (will check out your blog v. soon)

Quillers said...

Good luck Cally and A.Writer with the Miss Write entries!

Cally if you're anything like me, you'll probably slow down a bit with the novel until you get to the last 10-20k words, then seeing the end in sight, speed up again.

I think it's a good idea to have a finishing date in mind, even if you can't quite make it. Working to a deadline certainly makes me work harder.

Victoria Hume said...

On reading your blog i was inspired to calculate my finish date for the novel i'm writing. I've set myself up a jazzy excel spreadsheet to track my daily average. Gah! it's going to take until 2011 at this rate!

I think i better speed up a bit. Well done on writing 750 words a day. I'm impressed, i wish i had your dedication

CTaylor said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Victoria. The reason I'm able to write 750 words a day is that I've pretty much given up my social life to write this novel! (When I ring up my friend's these days they say "Cally who?" ;o))

I just checked out your blog and your noah's ark idea sounds fascinating. Oh, and you're from Brighton - me too!

The spreadsheet is a great idea as is anything that spurs you on to write. I use the YWriter software which calculates how many words you need to write a day (when you enter your ideal finishing date). The good thing about it is you can use that daily amount to spur you on to keep writing..."Just...another...210 words and I'm done!"