Saturday, 19 May 2007

Novel Progress - Update (and a short story written)

Last night I wrote 1,191 words of the novel. Not quite the 1,500 I was planning on writing to cover a potential lack of words this weekend (due to the WriteLink Weekender short story competition) but more than I thought I'd manage. I'm now within spitting distance of 50,000 words written. My new target is to write more than 52,000 words (which is where I dropped the last novel) and the next is to hit 60,000 words (2/3 of novel written).

In other news I've finished my WriteLink Weekender story! The theme was posted at 9am this morning and I checked it out at 10am. I spent several hours umming and ahhing about what to write (a tip for short story competitions: never go with your first few ideas - the chances are everyone else will think of them too and the judges will receive a glut of similar stories) and finally came up with an idea. All I had to do then was write it within the word limit - no easy task - but... I've finished! Now I'm going to let the story rest overnight and look at it again with fresh eyes tomorrow morning. My timing couldn't be better as I'm going out tonight!

Now I've got the WriteLink story out of the way I should be able to write some more of the novel tomorrow.

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Quillers said...

Good luck with the comp, Cally!