Monday, 7 May 2007

Novel Progress - Update

I spent a chunk of this afternoon writing very rough outlines of the chapters I need to write between now and the end of the book. I'm not 100% sure if they're in the right order and they may still need a bit of a shuffle around but it's helped me clarify the direction I'm going in. After originally worrying that my story wasn't full enough to fill 90,000 words I'm now thinking that my story is too complex to fill that amount of words and I might have to cut a character (one that hasn't been introduced yet so it wouldn't be a problem) so I don't create too convoluted a storyline.

Although I don't know the order that the chapters and scenes should go in I'm not worried as the novel seems to be progressing quite organically so far and, once I'm actually writing, I instinctively know which scene comes next.

Tonight I wrote over 2,600 words and a scene that I originally thought would just move the action forward and be fairly straightforward actually became quite traumatic for my MC when a character I hadn't originally planned to be in the scene showed up and caused havoc. It worked really well though, far better than my original plan and also helps tie in a scene that comes later so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself right now (will try and hang onto that feeling, they don't happen often!).

So, over 40,000 words written now. Only 5,000 more and I'm halfway.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I love it when my characters take it upon themselves to improve my plots. Sounds as if you're doing really well.

Quillers said...

Brilliant on the word count, Cally! I've had instances where people have turned up or done things I hadn't planned on!

A. Writer said...

You are doing really well! I'm so jealous!

I feel very honoured to have read your synopsis. It's very good.

Keep up the good work!

Cally said...

Thanks all.

Zinnia/Sally - glad I'm not the only one whose characters have minds of their own. It's great when they do some of the hard work for you isn't! Now if I could just get them to write the novel too I'd be onto something.

A.Writer - awww, thanks. Don't be jealous it's pure blood, sweat and tears (and moaning and complaining!) You've already written one complete novel don't forget! BTW don't leave it too late to get your Miss Write stuff in. The sooner you get an entry into a comp the better apparently (the readers are more enthusiastic when there's less to read!).

A. Writer said...

I know. Sometimes I can't really believe that I HAVE actually written a full length novel.

It may sound daft but I seem to forget that I was the one that wrote it.

This weekend is the weekend I'm going to send my entry away. I've done too much humming and ahhing. I need to be more constructive.

a.writer said...

Do you really think that the earlier you send an entry the better?

Cally said...

A.Writer - I don't think it hurts to send your entry in early and it may benefit from the reader being fresh and enthusiastic about the competition - because they'll read it more carefully than they would if they were sick and tired of reading. Readers are only human after all!

That said, a brilliant entry will always stand out whether it is entry #1 or entry #2001!

liz fenwick said...

Great writing progress. Its wonderful when it flows :-)

You still haven't sent your profile!

Cally said...

Thanks Liz and sorry...I did start writing one for you the other night but I was interrupted before I could finish it. Will get back to it soon, promise!

A. Writer said...

Someone's nabbed my name!! Huh! *storms off in a huff*

The message'do you really think the earlier you send an entry the better?'wasn't sent by me.

Who out there has nabbed my name!???

Cally said...

I did wonder why it wasn't linked to your blogger profile as normal. Why steal your name instead of making up their own? Very odd.

A. Writer said...

I suppose it could be a coincidence. I mean, a. writer it's not very original for writers! Cheeky person whoever it was!