Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Novel Progress - Writing AND working my arse off

A tired post today because...

1) I've spent all day painting - the living room ceiling and all the tiles in the bathroom
2) Sleeping on the floor last night (even with lots of blankets) was not fun because:

a) laminate flooring is hard
b) the timer on my lamp was tick-tick-ticking for hours before I finally gave up, got up and turned it off
c) too much diet coke made me wired and I didn't fall asleep until after 2.30am
d) my blinds - despite stopping people looking in - don't stop the sun and I woke up when the sun came up and couldn't get back to sleep.


I did write 1,117 words of the novel last night


My lovely parents have cleared 10 bags of rubbish from my garden (and its only tiny - yes, I am a rubbish gardener), have replaced the big piece of rotton wood in one of my windows, cleaned my kitchen (so the B&Q kitchen lady isn't horrified when she turns up to measure tomorrow) AND laid laminate flooring in my hallway (begone yucky painted white floorboards).

Time for a takeaway and, if I'm still awake, a few more words on the novel later!

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SallyQ said...

Well done on all that hard work and sticking to the novel plan, Cally! I hope your house is sorted out soon so you can get back to it.