Friday, 25 May 2007

Novel Update - Progress and Shopping

A few of you have asked questions about my ghost experience (see 8 things meme) so I thought I'd blather on about that for a post (but not this post as it's long enough already. See next post) .

So... novel update.

1,200'ish words written last night and I've now written 55,538/90,000 words (61.7%).

The next scene I have to write is a shopping scene. I'm probably atypical of most women because I hate clothes and shoes shopping. As I mentioned in the 8 things meme I'm six foot tall so getting clothes that are a good fit is a massive pain (and Long Tall Sally are ridiculously over-priced). I tend to shop in Dorothy Perkin's Tall section and that's about it.

I also have size eight feet so buying shoes is always a chore. It's rare to find something in my size (oh why do shop assistants always have to say "I'm afraid we don't go up that big" in such a snotty tone?) and if I do find something in my size it has a ridiculously high heel (hellooooo...I'm tall enough already ta. If I was any taller men would start resting their heads on my boobs during rush hour on the tube).

Anyway (sorry, bit of a rant there) I have to write a shopping scene next and I really don't want to. If they were shopping for CDs or DVDs or books I'd be laughing...but they're not. The main character is chosing clothes for a male character. Oh joy! Several months back I blogged about picking out clothes for someone in a band. That was quite easy because we had a brief (military) but my character has to choose 'trendy' clothes for the male character.

Can anyone enlighten me - what's trendy for men at the moment? And I don't mean chav trendy - I mean 'oooh he looks sexy in his X,Y,Z'..

If you had a very uncool brother/son/boyfriend in his mid twenties and you wanted to give him a clothes makeover what would you pick out? Any ideas?


Jen said...

Oh, I'm with you totally on the non-shopping. I get fed up after half an hour and would much rather buy a pile of books and sit in a coffee shop instead.

Now, I'm not terribly au fait with men's fashion... BUT... I work in a fancy schmancy department store and our menswear store has a couple of guys who could help. Would you like me to ask them? I'm sure one of them would be only too willing to wax lyrical as they're both walking clothes horses!

CTaylor said...

Jen if you could I'd really appreciate it. Oh -just thought - so my book doesn't date too much it needs to be something fairly classical/timeless but sexy. Thanks so much!

Jen said...

Cool! I'll speak to them next week!