Thursday, 10 May 2007

Novel Progress - Words, words, words

So far today I've:
  • Re-written the first two texts I sent to thelondonpaper text competition (having totally got the wrong end of the stick the first time) and texted them off
  • Written another text story for thelondonpaper text competition and texted it off
  • Edited two short stories (both of them quite old) and sent one off to a literary print mag and the other to a comp

Five subs in one day may not sound like a lot but it is if you have to edit everything first!

And now I have to do some work on the novel. Right now I'd rather sleep!

Edited to add: 1,600 words of the novel written tonight as well. Am creeping ever nearer to the 50% written mark. Just two more writing sessions and I'm there I think. Then there's just the small matter of writing this much all over again. Aaagggh!


Kate.Kingsley said...

Five submissions + 1600 words sound like a great days work to me! I wish i was as prolific as you, good luck with the subs/comps,

Best wishes
Kate K

Quillers said...

That sounds like a good day to me too, Cally. You're working really hard. Well done!

Cally said...

Thanks both!

p.s. Kate - I'm not normally this prolific but, for some reason, I'm determined to get the novel finished as soon as possible. I think perhaps I'm scared that if I have more than a day off in a row I won't write another word and I'll end up with another abandoned novel!