Thursday, 17 May 2007

What kind of story wins a literary short story competition?

Now's your chance to find out...

Cadenza is a fantastic literary magazine. Last year I sent off for a complimentary sample issue and was wowed by the quality of the stories they published. This year I decided to enter their short story competition and, while I don't think either of my entries stand a cat in hell's chance of placing, I was curious about the kind of stories that win their literary short story competition.

After a quick browse of their site I stumbled across the 'Subscribe' page. I'd love to subscribe to Cadenza but I'm a bit too skint at the moment (pay day still horribly far away) so I looked to see if they were offering any alternatives. They were! You can buy a paper copy of the latest issue for £3.95 (but you need to send a cheque) or a pdf version for £3.00 via PayPal. Because I'm an impatient sort, I decided to plump for that option.

What a fantastic buy!

It's 81 pages crammed full of stories and poems. Not only that there are two judge's reports on the competitions that Cadenza ran last year as well. They also published all the prizewinners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and a selection of the Highly Commended entries from both comps. It's a short story entrant's gold mine!

I've read two of the stories so far (and now feel even more despondent about my own two entries!) but - what quality stories. I really do believe that reading quality short fiction helps improve your own efforts and, by working out what it is that hooks the judge, you can examine what does and doesn't work in your own fiction.

If you want a copy go here, click on the 'subscribe' button and then scroll down the page until you get to 'Download sample copy. Latest version with full content. Only £3.00!' and then click the PayPal button beneath it. Happy reading/researching!

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