Saturday, 12 May 2007

Writers shouldn't write ALL the time!

So, I wrote 1,055 words of the novel this morning (only 1,400'ish left to write until I'm halfway) and then came to a natural halt. I considered my options for the rest of the afternoon:

1) stay in and continue to work on the novel

2) stay in and write a short story

3) stay in and do some housework

4) stay in and watch TV

5) go out and do something else

Option number 3) was swiftly discarded (isn't it always?) and I seriously contemplated doing 2) and 4) simultaneously (it has been known) but finally decided on option 5) go out and do something else.

Next I had to decide what to do. It had to be:

1) Cheap (preferably free)

2) Nearby (am currently staying in London)

There's a lot wrong with London but one thing you can't fault is the amount of things you can do for free. I was spoilt for choice! I wanted to do something visually stimulating and educational and it should be somewhere that might stimulate new ideas for short stories. I finally decided on the British Museum. I spent a fantastic two hours wandering round (only slightly spoilt by the sogginess of my jeans - on my way there a bus drove straight through a puddle and totally soaked me!) and saw some really thought provoking installations.

In fact two hours wasn't nearly enough and I ended up taking a load of photos of some of the more interesting descriptions of the exhibits so I could read them again at home. I'll definitely be going back again. No immediate ideas for short stories but I believe that so many of your experiences in life soak into your brain and appear in your fiction, in one way or another, at some time.

Some more photos of the British Museum below, all taken by me.


Quillers said...

I think it helps to get away from the writing sometimes. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us, Cally. Fantastic!

JJ said...

I agree with Quillers - Julia Cameron talks about taking the artist in you for a date. All of the visuals you see will feed into your subconscious and provide you with details to use and potential stories. I love your photos.