Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Cigarettes and Alcohol with the Liar's League

So, last night I went to the "Cigarettes and Alcohol" themed event at the Lamb pub in Bloomsbury, London, run by the Liar's League. And it was a wonderful evening!

The Liar's League had hired a function room above the pub (complete with its own bar - which was nice, particularly as I was ever so slightly nervous and I wasn't even reading!) and, by the time the event started, all the tables were full and expectant eyes turned towards the front of the room as one of the "Liars" introduced the night.

My story was up first and the wonderful Clive Greenwood did a fantastic job of reading "Full to Spilling." All eyes were on Clive and the room was totally silent apart from the sound of his voice. He even made people laugh and I hadn't deliberately written humour into the piece. It was strange to watch someone else read out something I had written - it was like it was no longer part of me but some new entity, existing in its own right. It was lovely to just sit there, anonymity in tact, and hear my story come to life.

Another story followed mine and then there was an interval (more wine!) followed by three more wonderful stories, all brilliantly performed and utterly captivating.

Five stories, five performers and a wonderful night and all for £2 (free for the writers). I can't recommend it enough.

Do go along if you're in the area - or submit one of your stories (flashes of humour in your piece might help).

The next three themes are:

Sex & Death (happy to consider erotica/crime fiction) - send 'em in to by Friday June 22. To be performed on July 10.

Home & Abroad (travel fiction is ok but it has to have a story). No closing date for subs published yet. To be performed on Aug 14.

Birds & Beasts (animals, birds, fish, insects, mythical beasts even) No closing date for subs published yet. To be performed onSep 11.

Find out more about the Liar's League here:


A. Writer said...

Wow, that must have amazing! To see people's reactions to your work right there and then!

I'm not sure if I could do it! I'd be a nervous wreck!

Well done!

CTaylor said...

A - funnily enough I wasn't worried about how people would react to the story (good job too or I would have been even more nervous!). If people had talked throughout or yawned I might have started to panic though (luckily they didn't!)

SallyQ said...

That sounds really exciting, Cally. It must be a great experience to hear your work read aloud and interpreted by someone else.