Monday, 25 June 2007

The decisions publishers make...

Fiction publisher Snowbooks have a new blog entry called "How we choose what we publish".

It makes for interesting reading for anyone wanting an insight into the publishing process and why certain novels are accepted and others are rejected. It should be mentioned here that Snowbooks are a small publishing company and they work in a different way from the larger publishing companies so what they say only reflects the way they work and not the publishing industry as a whole.

You can read the blog in full here:

p.s. The thought of an editor falling in love with your book and dancing around is such a wonderful image. Here's hoping!


SallyQ said...

I showed the Snowbooks rejection letter to some friends and we all agreed that we'd prefer just a simple 'Thanks, but no thanks', instead of a load of waffle about how subjective it all is. There's something vaguely patronising about it all.

BTW Snowbooks published a book by an ex-CAB colleague of mine, Sue Hepworth. It was called A Beginner's Guide to Plotting.

CTaylor said...

Well I guess you can't please all the people all of the time! ;o)

What I thought was most useful about that post was the list of genres that they're most interested in. That's useful info!