Sunday, 10 June 2007

A night off!

After my 3,000 word writing marathon last night I decided to give myself the day off today and I really enjoyed it. Spent most of the afternoon battling the crowds on Oxford/Bond Street and treated myself to some new clothes (gotta love the year-long sales).

Also finished "Wannabe a Writer" - what a treat of a book. To be honest it didn't teach me anything I didn't already know about the craft of writing but it did offer a great insight in the writing practices, superstitions and beliefs of other writers. My absolute favourite part had to be how Jane Wendham-Jones went about getting herself a book deal. That girl's got guts! Also the section on plotting your novel was VERY useful and I'll certainly be trying out some of those techniques in the future. I also enjoyed the little insights into writing for the women's magazine market (need more hits there!) and advice on recycling plots (much give that a go).

Wannabe a Writer is like having a print out of all the chats/advice/blogs/postings of the other writers that I chat to on the net. It's friendly, easy-to-read, encouraging and not in the slightest bit condescending or patronising. It's like having a chat with a down-to-earth writing mentor. Great!

p.s. If any of my regular readers have noticed that one of my previous posts has disappeared it's because...well... I'm trying to forget about that little discovery so I can carry on writing. The less reminders I have the better!


SallyQ said...

Jane's 'Mind the Gap' tip is a gift, isn't it, Cally? I'd never thought of that. Well I'd thought of going back and adding bits, but never thought of highlighting it. Jane sounds like she's great fun.

Post? What post? ;-)

Nichola said...
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CTaylor said...

Nichola - I never feel guilty about reading a 'how to' book. If I'm reading about writing or thinking about writing I'm still being a writer (in my opinion anyway!). The balance is not to spend all your hours reading and thinking and actually do some writing!

Kate said...

It really is an excellent book, isn't it, very lively and full of different perspectives?

I read it cover to cover even though I've had 4 books published, there were so many new ideas!