Monday, 18 June 2007

No such thing as a nice rejection?

Heard back from Woman's Weekly today. I sent the story off in February and was hopeful, because they'd had it so long, that they were going to take it. Unfortunately not - the rejection arrived today. I wasn't too disappointed, however, as they sent back the tick sheet (if you sent something truly awful you just get the standard 'no thanks' letter) and they'd ticked that they rejected it because it had 'a well-worn theme' BUT they'd handwritten 'although nicely done' next to it.

This is the first time I've received some direct feedback with a rejection from WW so am perversely quite pleased!

It's the second tick sheet rejection I've received so neither of my subs was successful. If it's at all helpful for anyone wanting to send to WW my well-worn themes were adoption and cancer. I wasn't sure about the cancer story (as I realise that theme is overdone) but I'd added a touch of magic and hope to the story so hoped that would be enough. It wasn't - quite - but that's okay. I've sent the story off to a comp instead. As womagwriter said in one of her posts it's not a rejection it's a re-marketing exercise!

Now I just need to work out how to write more cheery stories for the women's magazine market. Easier said than done. I love writing a miserable tale, me!

p.s. 1,000 words of the novel written tonight. I wrote the second half of a very tricky scene. Tricky because it was partially based on something thing that really happened to me and I'm not entirely sure if the reader will buy it. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and all that!


womagwriter said...

Bad luck, Cally, but treasure that hand-written comment, for they are the equivalent of second-place on the podium.

merry said...

Well done Cally! I've never succeeded with WW yet - not even to the point of getting that coveted tick-sheet - but I've sold several stories to People's Friend and My Weekly so I live in hope that one day I'll hit the spot. You're nearly there, so maybe next time....

CTaylor said...

womagwriter - thanks. Second place will have to do for now but I'm not giving up. I WILL place a story with WW!

merry - I just realised how out of order my 'you don't get a tick sheet if what you sent is truly awful' comment must sound to anyone who has received one so I must hastily add that I've had my fair share of them too! Congrats on the People's Friend and My Weekly sales. I'm not sure if anything I write will ever be PF material (though who knows) but I did sell a story to My Weekly earlier this year which was such a great feeling.

Kate said...

That is really encouraging though I do know the 'so near, yet so far' thing is frustrating at the same time. Your attitude to it seems spot on. Better luck next time!

Kate x