Saturday, 23 June 2007

Novel Progess - Update

Going well... just wrote 2,076 words and have now hit 81,242 words written (90.3% of novel). That's enough words written for today I think! Hopefully I can write a similar number of words tomorrow.


Nichola said...

Woo! I've done just over a thousand so I've got a fair way to go before I catch up.

It's been 'rebranded' as a YA novel and I'm aiming for 60k although I'll probably go over that.

I've finished a bag of pick 'n' mix too...where does all that chocolate go? And don't say, "Straight to yer arse, Nichola!" :D

CTaylor said...

Well done on the thousand words. I rarely write as many words as I wrote today I hasten to add!

So is 60K the upper limit for YA novels do you know? I've been thinking about novel #1 and going back to it when I finish this one. I abandoned it at 52K but there was still a lot of story to tell so it definitely end up WAY over 60K.

Ooooh pick 'n' mix - yummy. I'm trying to stay off the chocolate for a bit but not doing very well so far (no chocolate bars eaten yesterday but I did polish off two chocolate mousses!) Oops!

Nichola said...

I think most YA comes in at around 60k, but look at the Harry Potter books. They're bigger than most 'adult' novels. But then Rowling was an established author already at that point.

Here's a fantastic idea. We're both 'how to write' book addicts. So as we've built up a hefty collection of novel/chicklit/grown-up how to write books, I suggest we feed our addiction further by raiding the 'how to write YA' bookshelf at our local Borders.

Ooh, my bank manager will throttle me now...

But I don't think children and young adults are as scared of big books as publishers used to think they were. Sure, most come in at around 200-250 printed pages, but there are always exceptions. I always say a book should be as long (or short) as the story needs for it to be told.

But what do I know? I'm still unpublished. *sob* Not for long I hope!

A. Writer said...

Just thought I'd nip on and say well done for upping the word count :)

CTaylor said...

Nichola - good idea! Let me know if you find/hear of a good one! Hmmm will definitely have to re-think my YA book if it's going to be 60K - either that or squeeze the ending into eight thousand words! ;o)

CTaylor said...

Thanks A! Lovely to hear from you. I hope you're having a good weekend.

A. Writer said...

My weekend has been okay thanks. I've actually done quite a bit of writing today, which makes me feel better.

Still on my blogging break though. Just keeping my eye on the whole Novel Racers group blog thing.

Keep up the good work! And I hope you're having a good weekend too!

Kate.Kingsley said...

90.3% of the novel! That's great Cally ~ very envious of your word count!

Best wishes
Kate K