Friday, 8 June 2007

Novel Progress - 3/4 written (and a very welcome book delivery)

I took Sally's advice the other day and ordered a copy of this book:

and it dropped through the mailbox earlier. Talk about good timing!

After my spazz-out earlier (thanks to all who commented and tried to calm me down. I'm not always this neurotic - honestly!) I've done two things:

1) Written over 3,000 words of the novel - which means I've now written over 70,000 words (77.8% of novel written). I've also sketched out the last few chapters and I think there's every chance the book may end up being closer to 100,000 words than 90,000 words. Oops!

2) Read bits and bobs of "Wannabe a Writer" book - so far so enjoyable and a great insight into other writers' lives and neuroses - will do more of a review when I've finished it.

Okay - now off to tidy the flat before some friends come round and then I'll be drinking copious amounts of white wine!


SallyQ said...

Yay! Good for you, getting back on that horse, Cally!

I loved 'wannabe'. Not much in the way of craft, but lots of insight into the other craziness that goes with this writing life that makes you feel you're not alone.

A. Writer said...

Glad to hear you're okay!

I've just ordered my own copy of Wannabe a writer? Should get it next week sometime!

womagwriter said...

I love Wannabe a Writer, too. How many How-To books make you laugh and loud and insist on reading bits out to your partner while in bed?

Nichola said...

Spaz-out is now part of my vocabulary. I'll try and use it in a blogisode this coming week. :D