Thursday, 21 June 2007

Novel Progress - Update

I didn't write any words last night but I did write 1,100 words tonight to try and make up for it.

The scene I wrote tonight was particularly difficult as the setting was a Star Trek convention and I've never been to one (I may be a geek but I'm not that much of a geek ;o)). I had to do a lot of googling to find out everything I needed to know and even then I'm not 100% sure I've captured the atmosphere and what actually happens there but it was enough to get the first draft written anyway. I can always do more extensive research when I come to do the re-draft.

In other news... I've fancied writing a new short story for ages but have felt very uninspired and, no matter how hard I try, I can't come up with a good idea. A couple of nights ago I was just starting to drift off when I suddenly got what I thought was a great opening line for a short story. I debated about whether or not to get up and write it down but it was already really late (and I'd only get 5 hours sleep before I had to get up for work) so I said the lines to myself over and over again to try and get them into my brain. I woke up the next morning and... the lines were gone. Aaaggh! Try as I might I just can't get them back.

Still - at least the novel is ticking along. I'm already dreaming of the bottle of champagne I'm going to drink when I've finished it!


womagwriter said...

You need a notepad and pen on your bedside table, Cally!

Star Trek conventions, eh? I read a brilliantly off-beat story about one in an issue of Take A Break's Fiction Feast earlier this year. Some wives of Trekkies had signed up their geeky couch-potato husbands to go to a Trekkie convention. The highlight of the occasion, which the wives witnessed with glee, was when the men tried the Beam Me Up experience... and really did vanish.

CTaylor said...

Ha! That's brilliant. No 'beam 'em ups' in my novel but two of the characters in my novel are stalked by a Klingon!

Nichola said...

How classy - champers. I'm from Dundee, therefore I'd probably get stoned and drink 2L of white lightning and wake up three weeks later in a gutter, with no clothes.

CTaylor said...

Nichola your comment made me laugh out loud - literally. I rarely drink champagne but, because I haven't managed to actually finish a novel before, it's become quite a big deal (to me) and I'm definitely going treat myself for four months of hard slog! From what I've read about the re-draft slog I may have to treat myself again after each one I complete.

At this rate I could end up with a very pickled liver if I manage to finish YA novel this year aswell!

Make sure you let me know when you finish your novel so I can tell the Dundee police to keep an eye out for a drunk, naked woman littering the street!

SallyQ said...

My friend goes to a lot of fan conventions, Cally, though I don't think she's done Star Trek. She has been to Buffy conventions and as far as I know, the stars have a meet and greet, where they'll sign autographs. It's usually stipulated in the literature how many things they're willing to sign e.g. 1 photograph and 1 programme and sometimes the actors charge because they don't always get their expenses to attend the conventions, yet it's often expected as part of their contract with the programme that they will go. Then on one or two of the evenings they do a 'turn', where they might sing or act out scenes from a play or just do a funny chat about their experiences.

Funnily enough a story I've been working on is set at a convention, though I've made the name of the television programme up. I've used some of my friend's experience and then made up what I don't know.

A. Writer said...

Hey! Just nipping on to let you know that I'm from Dundee too and we're not all like Nichola! lol!;-)

Nichola said...

She is you know. I've got the photos on my mobile to prove it. :D