Thursday, 7 June 2007

Ryan Adams - Koko, Camden, London

No words written tonight because I went to a gig - Ryan Adams's gig at the Koko in Camden (not, under any circumstances, to be confused with cheesy crooner Bryan Adams).

It was a bit of a mixed bag as gigs go. We got there a little after six and queued up. The doors, which were supposed to open at seven, didn't open until ten to eight. We grabbed a couple of drinks (£11 for two glasses of wine - what?!) and took our places about four rows from the stage (standing). We figured the support act would be on soon so we waited...

and waited

and waited





Finally, at about 9.10pm Ryan Adams and his band came on to rapturous applause (what happened to the support act?!). The room hushed and he played.... a song I didn't know (he brought a new album out this year that't know about) and then he played... another song I didn't know. Finally, after about half an hour he played a song I loved. So happy, so, so, so, happy. And there was another one - double yay. And one more and then.... the band said "thank you very much" and left the stage.

We clapped and whistled (well I did - loudly) and the band finally came back on stage. They played two (or was it three) more songs and then left again.

"They've only played for an hour and 10 minutes. They'll be back," someone said.

They weren't. The gig was over and it was only 10:20pm!

Talk about a let down. I own four Ryan Adams albums and had wanted to see him for AGES. Ah well. The songs he played that I loved he did magnificently, but I felt a bit short changed by the length of the set and all the hanging around, I have to say.

Right - tomorrow I need to write double my normal daily word count to make up for a night off tonight so I'd better get me some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

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