Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Yesterday I was out-geeked!

Several months ago, in a moment I can only describe as severe geekdom, I decided it would be very good idea if I downloaded a new ring tone for my mobile phone.

Okay, not too geeky so far but bear with with me...

I downloaded...

the sound the phones make in the CTU offices of '"24".


Anyway, that ringtone has caused me (and those close to me) much embarrassment over the last few months. Whenever it rings people will invariably look round and sometimes, like when I was standing in a queue outside the Ryan Adams gig, people will start making comments like "It's Jack Bauer for you" (told you it was embarrassing).

I have been meaning and meaning to change my ringtone but I just keep forgetting.

Yesterday a very nice middle-aged man from a certain well-known DIY store came round to talk to me about my new kitchen and how my flat was teeny tiny and how they would have to take over my bedroom to store all the stuff as they worked and how one of their powertools might wipe my laptop if I left it on (run for the hills with the laptop for it doth contain "the novel"). As he was talking to me about all this I suddenly heard a familiar sound - the plaintiff peel of a CTU phone. I immediately reached for my mobile only to discover that no one was calling me. It was kitchen man's phone. He looked at me, grinned and answered his phone.

When he finished his conversation I admitted that I too had the 24 ringtone. I expected him to say "What? Is that what I've got on my phone?" but, oh no he'd downloaded it too but not only had he downloaded it he was a member of the 24 fan club - he even (literally) had the T-shirt. He had trawled through the official website (which I had never visited) and had spent many weeks of his life completing some kind of online mini-Jack-Bauer-type-mission in order to try and win a spot in the 24 film (there's going to be a film? I had no idea).

I may be a bit of a geek but kitchen man is an ubergeek and, in many ways, it makes me feel a bit better. There but the grace of God..and all that.

Talking of which. I'm going to remove that blimmin ring tone right now!

p.s. I should mention that good can come from geek talk - kitchen man suggested a way I can cut the cost of my kitchen by getting an electrician to do some of the worth thereby lobbing off hundred of pounds of DIY store mark-up. Nice!


Nichola said...

I'll tell you what's annoying - having a new phone and not being able to set your own message alert. You have to use the ones that are already on the phone. And I get more texts than I do phone calls!

But my ringtone? Uh...it's a track called 'Barbarian Hordes' from the Gladiator soundtrack...

What? WHAT???

CTaylor said...

Ha! Gladiator Geek!

Anyone else want to share their embarrassing ringtones?

Lazy Perfectionista said...

Thanks for the welcome into the Novel Racers - great to hear from you, though your mention of Brighton rain made me terribly nostalgic (I grew up in Sussex and went to sixth form in Brighton). Manchester rain is much wetter!

I symphathise with your ringtone traumas. My brothers tend to change my ringtone and then the language of my phone menus, so I have to work out the Finnish for 'Call settings' before I can switch it back... Argh.

SallyQ said...

Oh I love 24 too, but because I don't have Sky anymore I got left behind on series 3 (or it might have been 4). Daughter has them all though so that's my next DVD session sorted.

Isn't it nice to know you're not alone though?

I used to have the ringtone of 'How You Remind Me' by Nickelback and erm ... the Reservoir Dogs theme and erm ...Aha Take On Me.

I don't know how to get new ringtones for my current phone as I used to programme them into my old one from a site that had all the codes available. I'm too tight to pay for any...

A. Writer said...

Ha ha! Love the story!

My ringtone is the theme from 'Hustle'. Love that show. Wouldn't say it was embarrassing though. I've had 'Knightrider' and 'The A Team' as my ringtones in the past. Are they embarrassing?

Just to let you know, I'm not going to be around for a wee while. I'm taking a break from blogging for a whole number of reasons.

Helen said...

Cally - please please tell me you have your lap top backed up!

CTaylor said...

Helen - I have my novel and my short stories backed up! Nothing else though. Hmmm...me thinks I should. There are a hell of a lot of photos on my laptop and I'd be gutted if I lost them. Thanks for the kick!

Lazy - my flatmates at Uni used to do that all the time. You had to guard your phone with your life!

Sally - glad to see another 24 fan. To be honest the series get a bit samey after the third one and I have to say that series 6 was the most predictable and least exciting of the lot. I'm hoping they pull their socks up with series 7!

A.Writer - you're too young to remember A-team and Knightrider! And yes, they are a bit embarrassing. I feel better now! ;o)