Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Another gig - Bright Eyes

I went to see Bright Eyes at the Shepherd's Bush Empire last night (NB: Worth noting now that Bright Eyes is an American indie singer-songwriter not some kind of tribute to Watership Down) and it was very much a mixed experience.

A few things:

1) I felt very old. Choosing the standing section was not a good idea as 95% of the women/girls in the audience were young enough to be my daughter (if I'd been a gym slip mum I hasten to add).

2) Teenaged fashion sucks. Heavy fringes, heavy make-up, tight neon T-shirts and skinny jeans/leggings (muffin top optional) is not a good look and is far too high maintenance in my opinion (besides I did neon and leggings in the 80s and it still makes me cringe. If perms come back too I'm leaving the country). Bring back the DMs, black eyeliners, army trousers, crochet jumpers that hang over the hands and tangled dreads of my teen years I say. For someone as lackadaisical about her appearance as me Grunge ruled.

3) There were a lot of older men (mid 40s) with girls who couldn't have been much older than about 17 or 18. My companion and I spent a lot of time debating about whether or not they were fathers accompanying their daughters or perhaps Bright Eyes is the bond that joins older men to their younger lovers (a thought I didn't want to dwell on for too long for fear of forever tainting my enjoyment of the music).

4) It was another short gig so I felt a little short changed. It started at 9pm and was all over (including the encore) by 10.20pm.

5) When you go to see a singer with such a massive back catalogue the chances are you'll only hear a couple of your favourite songs - and yes, he only played three of my favourites although he did play a storming, high-tempo song, complete with electric guitars and much drum bashing that I hadn't heard before that was excellent and may well become a new favourite.

6) There was a guy standing next to the sound engineer who was creating live 'art' that was projected onto a screen behind the band. I thought this was a fantastic idea at first but, at the end of the gig, realised I'd spent more time watching him scribble with felt tips and and shake trays of brightly coloured discs and/or wiggle coloured wires around than actually watching the band.

Oh dear - what a whinge. Am turning into an old bugger.

Right - I'm off to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans and display my muffin top to the world.


P.S. I managed to write 1,000 words of the novel before I went out. Only 8,000 words to go. Am going to update my progress bar to 95,000 words now. There's no point kidding myself the novel will be finished at 90,000 words!

Photo at top Bright Eyes 03 July 2007. Photo at bottom "Art guy" at Bright Eyes gig. Both photos copyright me.


Wilyum said...

Hey there, I found your blog searching for somewhere to download media from the following night's show and it amused me, so I thought I'd stop by and comment. I'm only eighteen but agree with... most things you said. The projection art was brilliant but it was all quite a lot to take in. So... thanks for giving me a giggle this morning =D
X x x.

lightupvirginmary said...

i went to this gig as well (and blogged it) and also felt very old! I loved it though. There did seem to be a LOT of teenagers. I feel wrinklier by the day and I'm only 27!