Friday, 20 July 2007


A short but useful article on editing:

Check out some of her other articles too - they make for an interesting read. I have to say, though, I disagree with her article on writers and notebooks. I use my notebooks to scribble down ideas for novels and short stories and often sketch out the scenes for a novel if I'm feeling a bit blocked. I also write down random lines that pop into my head - some of which, when read later, spark an idea for a story. If I didn't write everything down in a notebook I'd forget it.

I think the ideal scenario is to keep a notebook AND write stories/a novel. If you only ever write into your notebook you'll never produce a finished, polished piece of work.


Jen said...

You are SUCH a mine of fab info!

I really liked the 'Beginner's Four Faults'.

Helen said...

I just read your comment about feeling bleurgh too on the novel racers site. All I can say is thank god I'm not alone! I was beginning to feel a bit of a weirdo