Monday, 30 July 2007

Lancet win!

Back in May (or was it April?) my boss approached me, a copy of The Lancet in her hand, and suggested I enter their short story competition.

Huh, I thought. The Lancet is a medical journal isn't it?

But sure enough they were running a short story competition called "From Fact to Fiction" and were asking for short stories of approximately 2,800 words and on the theme of "medical science". The winners would be published in a special end-of-year issue (illustrated with commissioned artwork/photographs) and receive £200 each.

I'm one of the winners!!!

I'm so, so, so pleased. The money is fantastic of course but being published by The Lancet will look fantastic on my writing CV and I can't wait to receive my copy.

The story I entered is called "Monocular Man" and is a story I started last year but abandoned after a couple of paragraphs. After I read about the competition I thought hmmm, I've got the start of a story that fits that theme and dragged the incomplete story out of the 'abandoned openings' folder on my laptop and continued the story. If there's one thing I've learnt from this fantastic news it's - don't ever delete anything you write - you never know when you might be inspired to finish it!


Jen said...

Wow, what terrific news to come home to! Well done :)

JJ said...

That's a fantastic result. Well done.

Helen said...

Brilliant news. Well done. x

womagwriter said...

Well done Cally! What a cool hit!

CTaylor said...

Thanks all! I've been so lucky with hits this month I'm now bracing myself for a drought for the next three months!

Say "July" to me if I start whinging about lots of rejections and no hits.

SallyQ said...

I missed this last night, as I was so taken up with the Simpsonize thing!

Well done, Cally! That's a fantastic hit and the money is always nice ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have an 'abandoned openings' folder?

That's phenomenally organised of you.

I'm quite intimidated...

CTaylor said...

Sally - thanks! I know what you mean about the Simpson thing. I played around with it for far too long!

Anonymous - Oh I'm not organised at all (the state of my desk is testament to thhat!) I did start off with just a 'writing' folder a few years ago but I wrote so many stories, flashes and 'abandoned openings' (and different versions of the stories and flashes) that it started to get a bit unmanageable and I had to create a few folders to separate everything up. At one point I had a "submitted stories" folder, a "to be submitted" folder and a "published" folder but those are woefully out of date now. I do keep an Excel spreadsheet of all my submissions though - otherwise I'd end up sending a story to the same competition two years in a row or submitting a story to two competitions at once! It's really not as organised as it sound though.

Kate.Kingsley said...

The Lancet! Wow, well done Cally, that's great news,

Best wishes
Kate K