Saturday, 7 July 2007

Novel Progress - Update (2)

Yep...two novel progress updates in one day! After my last post I ended up writing an extra 2,000 words! So, in total, I wrote 3,320 words this afternoon/evening. It's the most I've ever written in one single day (for this novel anyway). Hooray for LiveEarth keeping me company all the way through (how good were the Foo Fighters?)

That's the good news...

The bad news is I think my novel is going to be longer than 95,000 words. And there was me thinking I only had to write 1,700 words tomorrow!

I'm determined to get it finished tomorrow - no matter how many words it takes. I have no other plans for Sunday apart from a bit of food shopping (when I will also buy the champagne for novel-finishing celebrations) so it can and will be done!


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