Sunday, 1 July 2007

Novel Progress - Update

1,385 words written tonight (95.2% of 90,000 words or 90.2% of 95,000 words). I wanted to write nearer 3,000 words but totally ran out of steam.

Five and a half scenes still to write. That doesn't sound like much but I think it'll take another 9,000 words to get them written so total word count is definitely looking like 95,000 words now.
Am still trying to meet my self-imposed 15 July deadline but my social life is looking quite busy between now and then so I'm not sure how I'm going to manage 666 words a day (14 days left). The alternative, and what I'll probably do, is try and write 1,000 words a day on 9 of those 14 days. I just have to find 9 free days!

I'm definitely going to give myself at least two weeks off from the novel before I start editing it. I'm even thinking about going on holiday and, shock horror, doing no writing at all (but lots of reading. I have a HUGE pile of novels waiting to be read).

Hope you've all had productive/relaxing* weekends.

* delete as applicable


A. Writer said...

You are doing so well. I'm so jealous. I have far too many distractions around me.

Feeling a bit blah, so my weekend hasn't been the best :(

kathmcg said...

Go Cally, Go!

There - a bit of cheerleading for you, if it helps.

I've had an energetic weekend - which is also goo, in its own way.

CTaylor said...

Thanks for the words of support girls. You'd expect to speed through the last 10,000 words of a novel but I feel like I'm running/stumbling/walking the last mile of a marathon with my plasters on my blisters and support elastic on my knees!!

SallyQ said...

(shakes pom poms and does funny dance) She's or girl, she can write. We think her future's looking bright ... C.A.L.L.Y. Cally! (ooh, I hurt my spine doing that back flip then...)

SallyQ said...

oops, that should have read 'She's our girl'. Ahem...

CTaylor said...

Awwww Sally. That's so sweet! I didn't realise you were so athletic! Thank you. :o)