Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Novel Progress - Update

To my complete surprise I managed to write 1,400'ish words of the novel tonight. I say to my complete surprise because...well...I wasn't planning on writing any words but I launched YWriter to have a bit of a tinker with what I wrote yesterday and a tinker became a couple of sentences and a couple of sentences became a few paragraphs and, well, I finished the scene I'd been working on and started a new one.

Wah hoo!

Only 4 scenes (including the one I started) left to write and approximately 6,788 words left to write and then the first draft is DONE! The more observant amongst you will have noticed I've (somewhat begrudingly) moved the word counter up to 95,000 words now - there's just no denying that's how long the novel is going to be.....I hope (please God don't let it get any longer!)

Champagne will be mine by next weekend. It will, it will, it will...

(What's the betting I have some kind of freak accident between now and next Friday that stops me from writing? Knowing my luck...).


A. Writer said...

Great news! Well done!

The end is nigh huh!?

Exciting stuff!

SallyQ said...

Go Cally, go Cally, go Cally! Well done on that word count.

(and don't tempt fate!)

CTaylor said...

Thanks both :o)