Saturday, 7 July 2007

Novel Progress - Update

Am writing while LiveEarth is on the TV in the background. Some very differing performances (she said nicely) but loved Keane. "Bedshaped" how I love you. Let me count the ways...

Actually I won't. Instead I'll just report that my novel word count is currently 91,457 (96.3% finished). 1,024 words written yesterday and 1,383 words written so far today. My aim is to write another 1,200 by the end of today and then finish the novel by writing solidly through the day tomorrow.

Nearly there...nearly there!

Am wondering if I'll have a JK Rowling moment and cry at the last few scenes I write? Talking of JK, did anyone see her being interviewed on Jonathon Ross last night? The interview got me so excited about the last book coming out on the 21st (yes, I know, it's a book for kids but I've read them all) and also a teeny bit nervous about who she'll kill off. My money's on Hagrid and Snape.

When the book comes out I'm SO not logging onto the internet or reading a newspaper until I've finished reading it in case someone posts a spoiler. Is that sad? Don't care!


Jen said...

It's not sad. Not REALLY. If we didn't have the ability to become so excited by books, we would be rubbish writers!

Wow, you're so on the home straight! How brilliantly exciting... hope you're going to crack open a bottle of something yumptious as you limbo under the finish line?

A. Writer said...

Wow! You're doing really well.

I know when I finished INN, TW? I had a lump in my throat. I felt like I'd gone through everything with the characters and knowing it was the last I'd ever write about them; it was sad. But in a strange way I felt happy that I'd sent the characters off on another journey one that hopefully the readers will think about. I hope that makes sense! lol!

And I agree with Jen, it's not sad! I'm always getting excited about books coming out! I'm new to the H. Potter books (only read the first one recently) but I want to read them all at some point.

Angie said...

I wanted to say hi and I like your blog. Looks like we have stuff in common: I'm a fellow writer, I *love* Bedshaped, and I also can't wait for HP7. I think you might be right about Hagrid (no!) and Snape, btw. (And don't worry, lots of adults like the books!)

Congrats on your novel progress, that's fabulous!

womagwriter said...

You're doing fantastically!

My money's on Harry and Voldemort. Or perhaps poor old fall guy, Neville and Voldemort.

My copy of HP7's been on order for months and damn right I'm going to read it before my kids get their mitts on it!