Thursday, 12 July 2007

Post novel cold turkey

Four days since I finished the novel.

I thought I'd enjoy having three weeks off after I finished it but...

I feel at a bit of a loss (and it's only been four days).

I know the answer is to write a flash or a short story or something but...

that part of my brain seems to have shut down. I'm idea-less*.


*which is somewhat ironic since I co-developed the S/Cally Short Story Idea Generator - but that's not helping either.


SallyQ said...

I'm the same at the moment, Cally and I agree. Even the story generator isn't working. It needs that extra spark too, I think. But you've just finished a considerable sized novel, so don't be so hard on yourself. Your brain probably just needs to readjust. My tip is don't force it, Give yourself a few days to not be a writer, then I'm sure the ideas will come again.

CTaylor said...

You're right - it's that extra spark that's missing - the one that makes you go 'oh my god, I must write this idea down before I forget it' or 'I must sit down and write this story IMMEDIATELY'.

But you're right of course - the worse thing you can do is force it. I hereby give myself permission to not be a writer all weekend! :o)

JJ said...

Hi Cally, see I go away for a few days, and HUGE MILESTONES occur. Bloody brilliant, Cally, well done.