Thursday, 23 August 2007

Another useful link (and a whinge)

Much quietness from me today as I have been one big stress bunny what with a very heavy workload at work and more Kitchen Hell (tm) related stress at home. To start the day I had an argument with the electrician at 8am about the electrical safety certificate. Several hours later I had to lift a fridge over a workspace and into the fridge space all on my own when the oh-so-kind delivery guys told me it wouldn't fit in the kitchen and left it in my hallway! Oh yes, and then I discovered that the hole the fitters had cut in the worksurface for the fridge plug to fit through was too small. So, I couldn't plug the bloody thing in. Cue another frantic call to kitchen fitting company. Aaaggh.

Oh yes and I currently have not one, not two but THREE fridges in my tiny one bedroom flat. There's one in the kitchen (the one I received today that isn't plugged in) that was delivered to replace fridge number 2 which didn't have an ice compartment (and is unplugged and is in the lounge awaiting collection from kitchen fitting company this time next week) and my original fridge freezer which is too big for my newly renovated kitchen and is in my bedroom, complete with oversized microwave on the top (both waiting to be sold).

To make a cup of coffee in the morning I have to open the fridge in my bedroom to get the milk, wander into the kitchen for the coffee, mug, water and kettle and then wander back into the bedroom to put the milk away.

I feel like I'm living in the freakin' Big Brother house!


Anyway... yes, useful link:


The Bookseller is the industry bible for publishing companies and booksellers. It's also a useful read for agents and authors who want to know about news and trends in publishing. Subscription to the paper version of the bookseller is £100 a year so is pretty bloody pricey but you can pick up copies in your local library. Until recently you couldn't access the content on the website without being a subscriber but they've opened up a lot more of the site recently so it's worth a browse. Earlier I read that the big thing in publishing is 'commercial women's fiction' which is good.

Oh - and sorry everyone, I'm really behind on replying to all your emails and comments. Once my stress levels have reduced I promise to reply.


SallyQ said...

Ooh The Curse of the Killer Fridges. That's a cue for a story.

Seriously, Cally, I can understand how annoying all this is. I hope it's all sorted for you soon.

Fionamac said...

You poor thing! I really sympathise or rather empathise as I am married to Steptoe's son. Since being made redundant my husband is doing teacher training. As we are broke, he has taken to buying 'investments' at car boots. We have six working and a hundred and one pieces of very ugly china.
Hope you are down to one fridge soon.

A. Writer said...

Hope you get everything sorted out! Sounds like a complete nightmare!

I've resigned myself to the fact that I will not be hearing from anyone about the Miss Write Competition now. I've accepted that other people are on the short list and I have to try a wee bit harder next time.

Sarah*G* said...

just wondering. how would i join the novel racers? had a looksee at the blog and think i was having a blonde moment....
any assistance would be greatly appreciated

liz fenwick said...

Hang in there ......

JJ said...

Hey, Cally, there's a lot of inspiration for a story in that 'invasion of the refridgerators' image.

Hope things are going better.


Selwyn said...

*puts on zirconian knight armour and starts charging at fiendish fridges*

NoviceNovelist said...

And there I was stressing about my untidy airing cupboard... 3 fridges - you've earned that stress!!! Hope at least 2 dissapear soon. They're certainly keeping the Miss Write outcome very quiet - assuming there is an outcome by now!