Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Blogging awards

I just wanted to say a big thank you to A.Writer and Sally for giving me an "Creative Blogger" award, a "Rocking Girl Blogger" award (A.Writer) and an "Inspirational Blogger" award (Sally).

I started this blog as a record of the writing side of my life - more for me than for anyone else but it's so wonderful that other people see it as creative, inspirational! I really, really appreciate the support and inspiration of the novel racers and wider writing community that blogs. Writing is such a solitary endeavour and it's lovely to log on and receive supportive comments and suggestions and read about other writers' lives. You all deserve awards!

I STILL haven't started editing (more due to current living arrangements than lack of motivation) but I full intend to print out the first 50 pages of my 481 page monstrosity novel today and get started on it.

I'm also working on a new idea for a short story. Last month was the first month in a very, very long time that I failed to write a new short story and I need to turn that around before it become a habit. There's a themed competition I want to enter soon (it closes at the end of this month) and I've struggled to come up with an original idea for it. I was thinking about it on the tube the other day and realised I can combine the theme with another short story idea I've had for a while (but hadn't been able to expand on) and create a full, workable story. I've been sketching out the idea in my notebook and it's starting to come to life. It just needs a tiny bit more thought and work and then I'll be ready to start writing it.


SallyQ said...

Congratulations on the awards, Cally. Well deserved!

I think I know what comp you're on about. I've been wondering if I've got anything ready, but I don't think I have so am hoping for a bit of last minute inspiration.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for the Miss Write comp :-)

CTaylor said...

You're right about the comp, Sally. At least, I'm fairly sure you are. Dunno why I didn't just come out and say which comp it was (laziness probably!). Anyway, I'm sure inspiration will hit you soon (and if it doesn't consult the S/Cally Short Story Idea Generator - that seemed to help loads the last time you were stuck).

BTW thanks for the Leaf reminder on your blog. I'm giving them another go! I WILL get into one of their books. ;o)

SallyQ said...

Guildford? If not, then it might be the Practise to Deceive comp.

Good luck with Leaf. I had an idea this afternoon for a flash, and jotted it down on paper (V. unusual for me, but hubby was using the computer). I'm wondering if I can manage four to get the entry fee discount.