Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Gods Behaving...Wonderfully!

A wonderful surprise when I got to work this morning - a signed copy of Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips that I'd ordered many moons ago.

That in itself was a delight but what was even better was that Marie had signed the book to me!

"For Cally with lots of love Ma_Phillp" (hand cramp - she had to sign over 3,000 books in one day!).

I started reading Marie's blog (now password protected or I'd give you the link) ages ago (before she got her contract) and feel like I've experienced all the highs and lows of the writing/publishing process with her. In many ways Marie's experience is the kind of success story you dream about ( although she suffered nearly as many household disasters as I have en route). I could summarise her experience and book but this interview with the Telegraph does it better.

So anyway, thanks very much to Marie and Crockatt and Powell"(the bookshop that sent me the signed copy) for the personal touch. Hugely appreciated. If you want to get your hands on a signed copy of Marie's book call Crockatt and Powell asap on 020 7928 0234 (I'm not sure how many they've got left).

The book will now sit on my bookshelf (after I've read it) by the only other signed book I own (a copy of The Tent by Margaret Atwood - I queued patiently at the London Book Fair last year to get her to sign it).

Talking of books and bloggers - I have a list of books by blogging authors and novel racer friends that I must buy soon - these include "In Search of Adam" by Caroline Smailes, "The Self-Preservation Society" by Kate Harrison, "Any Way You Want Me" by Lucy Diamond and "Accidental Mother" by Rowan Coleman. If any of you lovely ladies know how I can get my mitts on a signed copy I'd be very grateful and will buy as soon as funds allow (I'm planning on buying your books even if they're not signed btw, but signed would be extra lovely and can keep my other two company!)*

* Apologies to anyone I've missed off this list. Please leave a comment/kick up the arse to remind me to buy your book.


Helen said...

Hi Cally - on Caroline's website on the right as you scroll down a bit - you can purchase a limited edition signed copy of her book. I think there are a few left. x

CTaylor said...

Thanks Helen. Will get my hands on a copy when pay day rolls around again!

Caroline said...

Thanks Cally x
I'm after a copy of Marie's book and a signed copy would be wonderful. I'll give C&P a call.