Wednesday, 1 August 2007

My Kitchen Hell (tm)

So, I was supposed to start editing my novel this week but haven't been able to thanks to My Kitchen Hell (tm). Here's what I've faced so far this week:

1) A built in fridge not fitting due to some 'who knew they were there?' pipes

2) A replacement fridge brought in that, on closer inspection, has no freezer compartment. As I've just sold my fridge freezer (because it didn't fit in the new kitchen) this discovery didn't go down well. A third fridge is ordered (not here yet though)

3) An electrician (whose quote I hadn't accepted) turns up to do the electrics.

4) A 'heated discussion' with the fitter about which way round the drainer should go. My suggestion was logical, his way saved him doing a bit of extra work

5) Another 'heated discussion' with the fitter about the fact he hadn't booked someone in to do the tiling. Apparently 'kitchen company' had told him I wanted tiling after he'd received the job spec. Funny that because his job spec printout was exactly the same as mine. After telling me I should get a refund for tiling from kitchen company he suggested he'd 'do the job myself for cash in hand'.

6) Fitter tells me I have to come back urgently from where I'm working to discuss something with me. I wait outside on a cold step for THREE separate taxis that failed to show up. When I finally turn up the fitters are gone.

7) Fitter tells me that he'll get the kitchen company to refund me for 'finishing to decoration standard' because the flat doesn't need it. When I examine the work there are MASSIVE HOLES IN ALL THE WALLS. Cue another heated discussion.

8) One piece of the work surface arrived damaged so the fitter tried to find a replacement piece. Tells me it's out of stock everywhere...EVERYWHERE. The only replacement piece there is is being held to ransom by a woman who has lodged a complaint with the kitchen company and won't release the piece of work surface until they pay her a million pounds (or something)

9) Fitter tells me he can recommend someone to replace my boiler. I try hard not to laugh in his face.

One day all this will be a distant memory...(and I'll actually have started editing my book)


womagwriter said...

You have my utmost sympathy, Cally. We redid our kitchen last year and it was hell, although we had some really good workmen.

We became such good friends with the builder and electrician that on Valentine's night this year we went out for dinner with them and their partners!

Hope it all gets sorted out soon, and you're right, it will one day be just a distant memory and something to laugh about at dinner parties.

And in my experience it is impossible to write without a kitchen so don't beat yourself up if you can't get anytning done!

SallyQ said...

Oh Cally, what a mess, but well done you for sticking to your guns. I'm a complete wimp about such things.

And yes, you will laugh about it. And write it into your next novel ;-)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Oh You Poor Thing. Much sympathy coming your way.

Kate.Kingsley said...

Oh no, Cally ~ sounds awful!

You have reiterated for me why I am putting off getting our kitchen, bathroom, rewiring, possible extension and replacement doors / windows done ~ and yet I know I'll have to grit my teeth and do it!

Hope it gets sorted son,

Best wishes
Kate K

CTaylor said...

Womag - can't believe you became such good friends with your builder and electrician. And to go out on Valentine's day with them too! There HAS to be a story in their somewhere.

Sally - I'm normally a massive wimp when it comes to confrontation but when it came to holes in walls and sinks round the wrong way there was no way I was going to shut up and put up!

Zinnia - sympathy gratefully received. Thank you!

Kate - well I managed to put off getting the kitchen done for nearly six years (I am the Queen of Procrastination and "voluntarily invite more stress into my home? No thanks!"). Can you beat six years?

Kate.Kingsley said...

Well, I managed about 6 years just decorating one room! Started on the bathroom of my previous flat when I moved in & hadn't finished it by the time I moved out six years later.
Shameful, I know....