Friday, 10 August 2007

The neuroticism doesn't stop once you're published!

An amusing account of a debut author trying to improve the sales of his first published novel:


Leatherdykeuk said...

That was excellent, thanks for the link.

I can't help thinking that I'll be doing the same thing come April.

TitaniaWrites said...

Cally - thanks for this link, it made me laugh and it made me stressed and anxious!


SallyQ said...

Yes, thanks, Cally. The article is great fun. Who among us (who don't yet have a novel out in print) wouldn't be tempted to do all that?

Caroline said...

I so understand. I feel the same.

I counted how many copies of ISoA were in my local Borders last week (23) and today there were less (18). I even saw someone buying one today. I am stalking my own novel! I need help.