Thursday, 16 August 2007

"SuperEd" on BBC Radio Cumbria next week

I just received an email from the Special Features Editor at BBC Radio Cumbria telling me that my story "SuperEd" (the one that was a joint winner in the Sedbergh Festival of Books and Drama 2007) is going to be broadcast next week! If you'd like to listen to it the details are below:

Date: Wednesday 22nd August
Time: 1210

Location: You should be able to hear it by logging on to
On the right handside of the front page is the "listen live" link just below the Radio Cumbria link.

What's the betting I forget to listen in now I've told you all about it!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has voted for the Heaven's Heavens on the mobileACT website (see post below). Thanks to you guys the band are now at #70 out of 1,600! That's great news...but they need to get in the top 25 to be in with a chance at a record deal/performing on channel 4. Please keep voting every day up until 23rd August if you can. And if you haven't already voted please, please do!


A. Writer said...

I'd vote but it won't let me!!! I'll keep trying though!

I won't get to hear it, I'm working! Is there anyway you can put it here?

DOT said...

Big congratulations to you, Cale, though I doubt whether the signal will reach Brighton. However, I could try listening to it via the internet. Yeah, I'll do that.

CTaylor said...

Don't worry A.Writer. It's a bit of a buggy site. If you can get through and vote that would be great but if not, don't worry!

Re the radio thingy - I'm hoping there will be a 'listen again' function so people can listen to it again if they miss the original broadcast. If not I'm sure we can sort something out!

Dot - thanks very much. I'm in Brighton too so I'll be listening to it over t'internet.