Wednesday, 22 August 2007

SuperEd on Radio Cumbria now!

Well, in the next few minutes

Go to

and click the listen now button on the right.

("SuperEd" is the story I wrote that won the Sedbergh Festival of Books and Drama 2007)


Jen said...

Oh, nuts and bolts! Is it going to be on 'listen again'?

CTaylor said...

I'm not sure. I just looked at the website and it looks like they don't repeat this particular show. Have emailed the producer of the show to ask. Fingers crossed.

p.s. The presenter said, after the story was read out that there was "a touch of the Harry Potter about it". Oooh! Am now even more tempted to ditch women's fiction in favour of childrens'! ;o)

A. Writer said...

I would have liked to hear it! But I was working and had no way of hearing it.

I hope they do repeat it!!!

My fingers are crossed!

CTaylor said...

A.Writer - I've just been told they'll send me a copy of it on CD. Yay! :o) When it comes I'll send the mp3 of the story out to anyone who wants a listen.

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Missed it! Looking forward to listening when you've got it on mp3.

I found your blog ages ago when googling for the Miss Write competition. I now check it obsessively expecting you to somehow have some inside knowledge! Thought it was about time I said 'hello'.
Do you think who ever gets 'the phone call' over the next few days will be sworn to secrecy?

Was inspired to start a blog after reading yours - so thanks muchly.

CTaylor said...

Sarah - inside knowledge? I wish! The only thing I have access to that some others might not have access to are several writers communities. I've been checking them obsessively to see if anyone has mentioned a shortlisting in the Miss Write silence but...nothing. It's like there's a wall of silence about this comp! Of course that MAY be because no one has been contacted yet but I've got the feeling that maybe the winner/runnersup aren't members of any writing community or active on the 'net and have been quietly scribbling away at their novels at home/work!

Congrats on starting a blog. I've just checked it out and it looks great. It's lovely when people tell me my blog inspired them to start one. It encourages me to keep writing it.

Which comps did you have success in? It's always good to meet another compulsive short story comp enterer. I'm with you on the deadlines. If it wasn't for deadlines my story output would be much lower.

A. Writer said...

Love it! That's great that they're sending you a copy on CD. I'd would love to hear it! Thank you!

Sarah Dunnakey said...


I have now included details of my competition wins in my profile on my blog - thanks for the idea