Wednesday, 5 September 2007

More recommended reading...

When I talked about recommended reading in the last post but one I forgot all about magazines. I've subscribed to, and bought, a fair few magazines for writers over the last few years but the ones I subscribe to are:

Writing Magazine and Writers News (double subscription but you can subscribe to just one if you like).

Writing Magazine contains lots of articles and advice on everything from novel writing, short stories, poems, scriptwriting and writing for children (as we as a computer 'problem page' and a short story 'surgery') while Writers News deals with...well, news in the writing world (also very good for finding new markets and competitions).

If you're going to test drive just one I'd suggest Writing Magazine. You can pick it up in your local WHSmith.

The other magazine I subscribe to is Mslexia which is a magazine for women writers. Its primary focus is novel-writing, short stories and poems and it's always packed with useful articles and fantastic stories. It's a more literary magazine than Writing Magazine but don't let that put you off. I always look forward to the latest copy of Mslexia plopping onto my doormat.

You can get a sample issue of Mslexia for free by going here:

The two literary magazines I buy when money permits are QWF (Quality Womens Fiction) for literary short stories written by women (I would link to it but its website seems to have disappeared?) and Cadenza which publishes some excellent literary short stories.

I've probably forgotten some magazines but that'll do for now...


SallyQ said...

I subscribe to Writers News and Writing Magazine and enjoy them both. Writers News are especially supportive of their members and will run short articles when you have writing successes.

I tried Mslexia but found it a bit dry. So I've just subscribed to The New Writer, which is reputed to be very good. I've only seen the comp winners edition so far, but it was good to see what sort of stories they pick.

CTaylor said...

I subscribed to the New Writer for a year but didn't renew. While I enjoyed the short stories I felt it was a bit too short on advice for my taste.

Yes - I'd love to get in touch with Writers News to announce I'd got a book deal. Good publicity too! I remember opening my copy and seeing your face smiling out at me when you had Eves of Destruction published. That must have felt good.