Friday, 21 September 2007

Still editing

Sometimes, most of the time actually, I'm not in the mood for editing but tonight something clicked and I've just spent the last few hours ploughing through a significant chunk of my novel. My counter shows 28.4% done but that's just type-written words edited, I've actually done a bit more by reading through another 45 pages of my novel, making edits on the print out.

At first I really struggled - there were several pages of clunky text one after another and I started to get annoyed with myself for writing such crappy prose but then, thank God, page after page of text that really didn't need much work. When you hit pages like that you can really speed through and reading what you've written actually quite a pleasant rather than a cringe-worthy experience.

Before I started writing my novel I believed that editing just meant correcting the odd typo and correcting the physical descriptions of characters (like a character having blonde hair at the beginning and brown hair later on). God I was naive.

I'm trying to speed through the first edit of my novel because I've promised myself I can write some short stories, maybe outline a new novel when I'm done. Then I'll grit my teeth and get on with edit number two.

Anyone else promise themselves 'rewards' for editing or writing? (When writing my novel I bought myself a little present for every 30,000 words I wrote. I tried promising myself a small glass of wine for every 2,000 words I wrote but didn't have the self-restraint and often sipped a glass as I wrote. That probably explains where the pages of clunky text have come from!)



Me too still editing..I do find it interesting that I can go back in a month after something is "finshed" and think oh that's not too bad then in another month and think oh gawd how did I write such utter drivel and ever think it was funny!!!

ah wellonwards and upwards!

ps popped in to say hello as a new novel racer!

HelenMH said...

Sounds like you're making amazing progress! I like the idea of promising yourself a glass of wine every 200 words - oh sorry, that was every 2000 words wasn't it!? Maybe that's where I've been going wrong! :)

hellojed said...

Am about to start editing too, I reckon I'll need to set myself rewards for each section done because it's not my strong point! Keep up the good work.

Lazy Perfectionista said...

My reward system is based on Green and Blacks chocolate, especially their dark chocolate and ginger (mmmmmm). I also reward myself with episodes of 'House' or 'Grey's Anatomy'. If I need to inspire myself to do lots of work, I watch a 'West Wing' - all that running around doing important things makes me really productive!

Flowerpot said...

I've finished teh editing on last one (for the moment) and starting over on another one. As for rewards - a friend of mine put a chocolate cup cake by her computer with 1000 words on it. It worked. But I'm not sure how long it took! Best of luck with editing.

Lane said...

The trouble is, there is a very fine line between 'sipping a glass of wine' to writing complete 'alienspeak' that you can't decipher the next day (if you're anything like me).

Oh I'm looking forward to the edit...

Caroline said...

I think that your reward scheme is a fantastic idea. I can spend hours designing a 'star chart' .... fabulous!

HelenMH said...

Hi Cally

Just received my invitation to the Momaya Press awards ceremony ... in Connecticut ... guess I won't be going to that then!

Shame really because it does sound good.