Saturday, 1 September 2007

SuperEd is here!

Look what arrived this morning! It's a CD with "SuperEd" on it (the story that was broadcast on BBC Radio Cumbria last week). Unfortunately it's just the story so you can't hear the DJs comments afterwards but cool to have a copy in my grubby mitts and how nice of Radio Cumbria to go to the trouble of printing out labels and CD inserts - I was just expecting a CD with 'SuperEd' scribbled on it in thick pen!

I've got a 'writers box' into which goes a copy of everything I've had published, award certificates, letters telling me I've won prizes in competitions and any (nice) feedback I've received about my stories. A 'writers box' sounds fancy but really it's just a clear perspex box that I keep everything in so I don't lose or damage it. To most people it's 'just a box of stuff' but it means a hell of a lot to me - it's a visual record of what I've achieved over the last few years and, when I feel particularly shitty about my writing or have received a shedload of rejections, I sort through it and remind myself that yes, I can write and here's the proof. Does anyone else do that or are you more lackadaisical about what you have published/achieved?

Anyway, now I've listen to the CD it's off to the box

Oh yes and I've ripped it to mp3 and you can download and listen to it by clicking here if you're interested. The file is 5MB in size so it may take a few minutes.


Jen said...

Wow, that is so cool!

Did it seem funny having it read by a man with an accent rather than your own voice??

CTaylor said...

Jen - it really did! My own accent is a bit non-descript (sort of Southern with no discernable accent I guess) and to hear my story read out in such a thick Cumbrian accent was fantastic. I didn't hear the story like that in my head as I wrote it but I thought it worked really well when read like that! :o)

What's even funnier is the fact that I spoke to the guy who read it on the phone and he actually has quite a posh speaking voice in real life. He's obviously an ace at accents because I thought his Cumbrian accent sounded very credible!

A. Writer said...

I've just listened to it and I'm well impressed! Well done you!

Great bit of writing and the guy reading it out was fab too.

Carol said...

Terrific story!

Lane said...

I've just spent a very nice few minutes listening to SuperEd. Great story...with a really credible child's 'voice'. Thanks.
That box will be full soon:)))

JJ said...

I'm so glad to see it up here. I had a sign up on my desk to remind me when it was on Thai time (v. confusing) and of course... I missed it. I shall listen to it tomorrow when I am bright and breezy.


SallyQ said...

How exciting to have it on CD, Cally! Well done again.

I don't have a writers box, but I do have a special shelf in my display cabinet on which I put all the anthologies, magazines and newspapers I've appeared in, plus my private self-published collection of stories up to 2005. It's nice to see solid proof of all the hard work, isn't it?