Thursday, 13 September 2007

Two excellent blogs

I've been reading this blog: for ages now and today it took me to this blog:

which contains some excellent writing tips. I suggest you check out both if you haven't already.

p.s. Even if you haven't signed up for Susan Hill's creative writing course you should still check out her blog. There's a very interesting discussion about novel openings going on at at the moment.


Lane said...

I just have to thank you for all your wonderful links and tips.
Your blog is filled with inspiration.
Sorry if that is 'gushospeak' but I mean it.
Thank you

CTaylor said...

Lane - thanks so much for your comment. I'm really very touched (and slightly incredulous and embarrassed) when people say nice things about my blog. Gushospeak or no gushospeak - I really appreciate the feedback :o)