Monday, 24 September 2007

A weekend without writing (but a little bit of editing squeezed in at the last minute)

This weekend I meant to:
  • edit my novel
  • write a sci-fi story for a competition
  • send four short stories off to competitions
  • turn at least one of my eight short story ideas into an actual story
  • start planning out my idea for a children's novel (am contemplating writing it in October so I can send it into the Times children's novel competition before the 7th November deadline)

Instead I...

  • stayed up late watching trash TV on Friday night
  • had a long lie-in on Saturday (I'm talking 1pm people!)
  • read some more of In Search of Adam in bed
  • took a walk down to the beach and lay in the sun as the waves lapped at the shore
  • watched a good film (The Science of Sleep)
  • tackled my jungle of a garden
  • sat on my balcony and read the Sunday papers
  • watched more episodes of America's Next Top Model than is healthy

And it was GREAT.

I've been putting far too much pressure on myself writing-wise recently and I really needed some R&R. I feel so much better for it.

Other pleasant surprises this weekend included a copy of Neil J Hart's book Spritz in the post (I fully intend to start reading very soon). Thanks Neil :o)

So, a very, very relaxing weekend all in all but I have a confession to make - I edited some more of my novel tonight. I've now completed over a third of the first draft. Yay!


Lane said...

What you did instead sounds like a perfect weekend. And you still got some work done:)) Yah hay.

Helen said...

brilliant progress on the editing. I intend to start next week. She says again. On Monday. Definitely.

I hope.

Caroline said...

You're right to relax ... it refreshes the edit. And you're reading In Search of Adam in bed! *whispers - thank you*


womagwriter said...

Ah a weekend like that is still furthering your writing career, Cally - it's called recharging your batteries and is absolutely essential. Sounds like you had a great time. 1pm lie-ins - oh those were the days!

HelenMH said...

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend - you do seem to have been up rather late editing though x

A. Writer said...

Glad you had the weekend off. Sounds like you had a fab weekend, doing a little bit of editing is ok.

You're doing really well, just remember not to put so much pressure on yourself!!!

CTaylor said...

Lane - I know, the best of both world 'eh!

Helen - I know what you're going through. If it's an help starting is the hardest bit of editing. After that you sort of get into the swing of it (I say 'sort of' because there are still tricky bits but it's not as hard as the beginning)

Caroline - my absolute pleasure :o)

Womagwriter - Kids vs vs lie-ins...I choose lie-ins! For now anyway ;o)

Helenmh - I'm a bit of a night owl. I only get started after 9pm at night and do my best work from eleven to half one!

A.Writer - yeah, that needs to be my new mantra "Stop putting pressure on yourself"

Emerging Writer said...

Don't think you weren't writing because you weren't 'writing.' I bet your brain conscious and subconscious were working all the time and come Monday, it would all come out good. No?