Friday, 12 October 2007

After three days... which I did no writing or editing of any sort (and really enjoyed the time off), I've finally got back in the writing saddle (so to speak) and have just finished a short story.

The story was originally 1,500 words but I realised tonight that I'd only told half the story and the ending was far too abrupt. I wrote another 800 words tonight and have my first draft finished, but there are still a few pace problems with the story that I need to fix before it's ready to sub. Anyway, it's good to get the first draft done and I've got that lovely "Ah" feeling I always get when I finish a short story.

What else? Oh yes, I had a bit of a subbing spree earlier this week. I haven't had a 'hit' since July and realised it was because I hadn't subbed much in June and July. It normally takes several months after you sub a short story or piece of flash fiction before you hear something back and, because I only subbed five or six stories/flashes in June and July (because I was writing my novel) the hits haven't exactly been flowing (in fact, there haven't been any!). I normally sub between 12-20 short stories and flashes a month and I need to get back to that if I'm ever going to have another hit. Since 1st October I've subbed 10 stories and flashes which is much better. If I can get that up to 20 by 31st October I'll be a very happy woman.

Anyway, no more short stories this weekend. I need to get on with editing my novel and writing my children's book.

Oh, and here's a clip from one of my favourite programmes, QI. It was just shown on TV and made me laugh A LOT. Enjoy!

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SallyQ said...

Well done, Cally. I managed to finish my forbidden friends story tonight. I'm going to let it stew a bit then see what needs improving before sending it off.