Wednesday, 17 October 2007

An amusing take on editing...

George Saunders (short story writer) was asked how he tackles editing. This is what he said...

"I start off with a sentence, say...'Frank sat on the couch that fateful afternoon'. I ask myself, does it matter when Frank was on the couch?

No. So the sentence becomes: 'Frank sat on the couch'.

Then I ask, does it matter where he was sitting?

No. So we now have: 'Frank sat'.

Then I might ask, does it matter was Frank was doing?

No, it doesn't. Which leaves: 'Frank'.

Then I ask myself, is Frank relevant?

No, he isn't."


JJ said...

Lovely. Made me laugh.


SallyQ said...

Ha. That's probably a case of over-editing!

Lane said...

But is Frank relevant? Now I'm thinking existential thoughts and am all confused:-)

Ingrid said...

That made me laugh too, very funny!

Fiona said...

Thank you. This so cheered me up. Good luck with your short stories too.
I will now go and do the word verification thing which is a real test after half a bottle of falling down water.