Thursday, 4 October 2007

And now for something completely different...

Get your own Dylan message here:

p.s. In my defence, Bob, I did write something last night. Not for this novel admittedly but I did get down the first 375 of my new children's book. Yeah, yeah, I know I said I'm not going to enter the Times competition (and I'm still not going to) but why not strike when the inspiration is hot? (you know what I mean!). It felt good to write something fresh.

Anyway, I am, AM going to do some editing on the novel tonight. Promise.

p.p.s. Love you Bob x


JJ said...

Aaah, laughing out loud. Love it Cally.


Helen said...


Now make sure you get some editing done tonight!

Jen said...

That is SO fun - almost worth not doing any work for!

Lane said...


I LOVE MR BOB ... and I'm talking big love:-)

thank you thank thank you thank you thank you.

Ps you have MADE my day Callyxx

A. Writer said...

That's really cool! :)

SallyQ said...

Oh that's brilliant!