Thursday, 18 October 2007

Creeping along with the editing...

I really, really, really didn't want to type up my hard copy edits this evening but I forced myself and managed a measley 2.9% before the teensy bit of motivation I had gasped and died.

I've realised it's not the editing per se that I don't like - it's the typing it up afterwards - it's just so tedious. If I were rich I could mark all my changes on the hard copy and give it to someone to correct the electronic version. But I'm not rich so on I go! Well, I'll continue typing up the edits tomorrow but after that I'm going on a blogging/writing/editing hiatus until about 30th October. It's my birthday next week and I'm giving myself the week off. I also have a busy weekend this weekend. So, the chances of me blogging between now and 30th October are pretty slim. Just a heads up in case you wonder where I've gone.

Okay, am squinting at the screen now. Time for bed I think.

p.s. If you haven't visited Sally's blog recently I suggest you get yourself there forthwith. She's doing a fantastically useful series of writing-related posts called "Ask Sally". Go along and ask her the writing question you've always wanted to ask.


JJ said...

Cally, have a lovely rest and birthday. Happy birthday for then.

I'm off to the beach tomorrow, but fully anticipate being in possession of my laptop and Blackberry. How sad am I?

Pah, don't answer that!


HelenMH said...

Have a good rest Cally - you deserve it!

SallyQ said...

Have a lovely birthday, Cally, and thanks for the plug!

Leigh said...

Oh, Cally! Typing in the corrections is the best bit: turning the duff copy into a perfect one... if only until you print it out again and find more errors!

Happy Birthday for next week, and enjoy your break!

A. Writer said...

Hope you have a fantastic birthday and a great week off! x