Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Good Things / Bad Things

Good Things

  • I did LOADS of editing last night and novel #1 is now over 70% edited

  • I wrote some more of my children's book and, with a small push, I'll hit 10% written very soon (am loving how quickly the percentage on my counter goes up when the finished book is only 30,000 words long!)

  • Just as I was falling asleep last night I got an idea for a themed short story competition so reached for my mobile phone and tapped the idea into the notes section (keeping my mobile by my bed works better for me than a notepad and paper because, as soon as I touch a button it lights up. No need to turn the light on)

  • Every day I receive an emailed 'daily digest' from freecycle containing things people in my local area want or are offering to others for free (as long as they collect). Basically it's a great way to declutter and recycle without adding to the landfill (I've got landfill guilt now after seeing a crappy reality show called "Dump" or something similar).

    Anyway, I've used freecycle a couple of times. The first time I wandered across town to pick up a bath end panel someone was giving away (when I refitted my bathroom five years ago my bath arrived without an end panel and I didn't have a car to go and sort it out so my plumber fitted a piece of wood in its place instead and glossed it white. I know, classy. Sssh!) and discovered, when I got home, that it was too wide for my bath. Ooops!

    The second time I used it I chucked my broken down, good-for-no one cooker on the tip and went to pick up one someone was offering and...it was HIDEOUS. Rusty, ancient and several of the rings didn't work. Luckily I realised that immediately and didn't ferry it home (although I did spend the best part of 3 months with no cooker before my kitchen was re-fitted).

    The third time I used freecyle I put together a box of suitable books and games I didn't need for an old people's home after a request was posted.

    And yesterday I used freecycle for a fourth time and gave a huge bag of books and a cardboard box full of bric-a-brac to a scout fete that was being held in one of the city's council estates. That made me feel good for two reasons 1) My stuff will hopefully help them to make money so they can stop kids throwing stones at passing buses and offer them something more constructive to do instead continue to do good work and 2) I now have less crap in my flat!

  • I started writing down a few notes for my themed short story on the train this morning and, before I knew it, I'd written the beginning and the first few paragraphs.

  • I FINALLY wrote a letter to my friend in Australia after promising her one for months and months and MONTHS (Hi Kel! x)

  • Oh yes and, over the weekend, I re-wrote a short story and subbed 4 piece of flash fiction (written a while ago but they deserve homes) to various ezines and print magazines.

Bad Things

  • I still have loads of crap in my flat (particularly clothes) and am going to have to scrabble around in the wardrobe, various cupboards, the attic and under the bed to sort through it.

  • I am exhausted from lack of sleep. After I wrote a note in my mobile about my short story idea I was buzzing so much I couldn't go back to sleep for another hour. Total amount of sleep last night? About 4.5 hours. Even for a night owl like me that's a pitiful amount

  • The postal strike is going to go on forever so Kel will have to wait EVEN LONGER for her letter

  • Last night I picked up my digital camera and thought I'd look through the saved pictures and see how much space I had left in the memory...but the little LCD screen didn't light up at all. It stayed black. I tried everything to get it to work, including changing the batteries and pressing all kinds of buttons. In desperation I emailed a camera repair shop telling them the make of camera and the problem and asked for a quote. This morning I received a reply - £122 PLUS VAT. That's half what I paid for the camera in the first place! Me thinks I won't be getting the camera repaired. Maybe I can sell it on ebay for parts or something?

Okay, so overall the good news out-weighs the bad. Not a bad day then.


Leigh said...

You're on a roll with this editing.

What happened? And can it be replicated by other people, in other parts of the country?

CTaylor said...

Leigh - what happened was I encountered a huge wad of pages that hardly needed any editing at all. It's SUCH a relief when that happens although, invariably, it means the next 20 pages I review will be awful, suck the life right out of me and demand I spend a week re-writing them!

Kate.Kingsley said...

Not a bad day at all, on balance!

Well done with the editing ~ sounds like it's coming on a treat, and the children's book is rattling along at a fair old lick too!

Kate K

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Great to see a shout for freecyle. I love it and have acquired all manner of useful and not so useful stuff from it as well as passing on the same. Don't you think as well that sometimes the freecycle postings themselves are mini-stories in the making with the bizarre and interesting objects that a person has accumulated and now for whatever reason wants to divest - it's led me along some story trails anyway