Sunday, 7 October 2007

Making progress

I made some good progress on the novel this weekend and have now edited a little over 63%. I've got just over a third left to do and am about to start Chapter 23 (of 32).

I'm also doing the second edit of some of the novel at the same time, which is a bit strange but do-able. My novel critique group have now seen five of my thirty-two chapters so I'm taking on board some of their comments and re-editing the text as I receive feedback.

I also wrote a fair bit of my children's book (for 8-12 year olds) this weekend and, you know what?, I loved it. I'm finding something very freeing about writing it. I can totally immerse myself in the characters and the action without worrying so much about language and I feel genuinely excited about this book. Unlike my other book I haven't plotted or outlined this one at all - I've just got a start, a twist and an end - and I'm just letting it take me where it takes me. If I get stuck somewhere along the line I'll probably pause and take stock but, for now, I'm just enjoying writing it.

p.s. Congrats to A.Writer for completing her first edit this weekend.


JJ said...

How lovely to be enjoying it so much. Maybe we should all have more than one thing on the go so that the contrast feeds our creativity.

HelenMH said...

I usually have about seven things on the go! Not sure it's a great idea though as I never seem to make as much progress as I'd like with any of them!

Cally - will we be seeing your children's book in print before your novel?

A. Writer said...

Thank you Cally!

Good going with the editing!

The children's book sounds like a refreshing change to the novel, well done!

Lane said...

You've achieved loads! Now I'm going to have to beat myself up even more:-)

CTaylor said...

JJ - Absolutely! It's very freeing.

HelenMH - Are you implying I'm making crap progress with my novel? ;o) Ha! I wouldn't at all be surprised if my novel never gets published and my childrens' book does. Life works in mysterious (and sometimes slightly annoying) ways!

A.Writer - cheers it is. It's nice to write something without feeling any pressure to 'get it right'.

Lane - don't you dare beat yourself up. That's my job! Beating MYSELF up obviously, not you. That wouldn't be at all fair when you're such a nice person. :o)