Wednesday, 10 October 2007

What drives you to write?

Interesting article in The Times about what drives different writers to write.

I nodded vigorously to this comment by Rose Heiney:

"It’s weird, when I’m not writing I get very miserable and think, what’s the point of me, now? Obviously when I am writing I whinge about it incessantly"

Full article here:


ChrisH said...

How very true!

Lane said...

I really want to read her book now. Must earmark it for next year.

A. Writer said...

What drives me is reading a really good piece of writing. I think it inspires me to try to equal it (or even better it!!!)

Something else that drives me is if I'm feeling really low and I'm stuck in a rut. I write in the hopes that writing and hopefully publication will get me out of this rut.

Leigh said...

Writing is the only way to purge the characters holding conversations in my head.

DOT said...

I usually cycle. It just takes me longer to get there.