Saturday, 17 November 2007

Children in Need all over for another year

I managed another three flashes tonight and I'm done and ready for bed.

Last year I managed 18 flashes and poems and this year only 8 flashes (and 3 unfinished ones). I feel a bit crappy about that but:

1) I didn't ask anyone to sponsor me this year so didn't have the impetus to go the extra mile
2) I REALLY suffered from writers block/self-consciousness this year and producing 8 finished flashes in that state felt like quite an achievement in itself
3) I like one of the flashes I wrote. It was quite amusing, even if I do say so myself

After midday tomorrow everyone will start critiquing the flashes (anonymously) and next week I'll find out if any of the ones I wrote made the grade to get into this year's anthology or the prizes. If I don't make the grade or win a prize that's okay. Sometimes you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone and force your brain to engage/be creative. And that's what I've done this year, if nothing else.


A. Writer said...

You still did very well. Good for you!

HelenMH said...

I think you've done amazingly well! I can't really imagine having to write to order in quite that way, so I'm really impressed x

SallyQ said...

It is an achievement, Cally. Well done!