Sunday, 4 November 2007

Cringey, cringey, cringe

I just saw the new Spice Girls video on TV and my overwhelming response is... embarrassment. What are they doing? It's like the battle of the 30-something bodies. Geri gyrating against a doorway with her ultra-toned stomach out, MelB seems to have forgotten to put her top on and Victoria..well...I think she may have escaped from a gimp dungeon.

Congrats to Mel C and Emma for keeping their clothes on (and preserving their dignity).

If you'd like to cringe too go here and see the car crash 'come back' for yourselves:


HelenMH said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ...

Leigh said...

Mmm, I suppose we're supposed to be jealous, really. I guess you can get away with anything if you say it's for charity!

Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Caroline said...

Oh my to have a body without stretchmarks after 3 children ... *sigh*
I am so depressed now.

A. Writer said...

Ha ha! I loved your description of it!

It's awful isn't it? The song, the video! Eek! They should have just stayed doing whatever they doing before!

KayJay said...


What is Geri doing? There's the writhing-with-top-off, like an inebriated aunt at a barbeque, then she's lying on the table having some kind of bizarre pseudo-sapphic gynaecolgical exam with Dr Victoria.

Mel B has obviously dropped a horse tranquilizer and can't get off the rug.

Posh seems to be wearing some kind of truss.

Emma and Mel C both look embarassed, bless 'em.

Lily Sheehan said...

I couldn't watch all the way through as I had to go away and scrape my jaw off the floor, and not in an 'Oh wow look at how great they look' kind of way. Dont get me wrong they look amazing but I dont think its all that appropriate for 'Children in Need'. Shame on you Not so Posh Spice!!!!
Thanks for the link though, it made me laugh

JJ said...

Ooh, has it been removed? I couldn't see it... How sad, I could've done with a laugh this morning!


I agree. Only Mel C and Emma escape with dignity intact. Posh and Geri just look like they're trying too hard. It seems to be all about the 'look' rather than the music. I predict they won't have the success Take That did
with their comeback!

Lane said...

I feel like 'Outraged of Pinner' now:-)
It's ghastly!

CTaylor said...

Helen - indeed!

Leigh - I might be jealous if I wasn't so embarrassed on their behalf!

Caroline - Don't be depressed. The woman starves herselves and there are rumours about a *whispers* tummy tuck.

A.Writer - I just feel sorry for Emma and MelC. They had reasonably professional reputations before this!

KayJay - Your comment made me laugh out loud. Excellent!

Lily - I know! Let's hope they show it after the watershed on CiN night!

JJ - try again. It was up last time I checked.

Karen - absolutely

Lane - I think it's outraged of Britain all round!