Friday, 16 November 2007

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

At LAST some excellent news. An email this morning to say my short story "Bookmunch" has been accepted by Australian literary publication "Etchings" (published by and available in good Ozzy bookshops).

Bookmunch is a story I'm really very fond of and, after it failed to place in a couple of competitions, I thought "sod this, Bookmunch isn't a competition story, it's a story that deserves to be in a good publication" and now it's going to be. Very happy about that.

Also very happy about the free copy I'll be getting and the $50 (Australian dollars) I'll be paid (only I have no idea how much that is in pounds, but anything is better than a kick in the pants).

In other news...

I wrote 5 pieces of flash fiction for Children In Need last night (from 6pm to 3am). Really I should have written 9 pieces (one an hour) but I'm afraid I got a bit distracted by "I'm a Celebrity..." at 9pm and "The Mummy Diaries" at 10pm (which made me cry).

Turning off the TV and putting music on instead was much more condusive to writing! So was the bottle of wine I drank to oil the cogs! I nearly wrote 6 pieces but one of them didn't quite come together as the end of the hour approached so I'll be putting that one in a 'rewrite this as a short story' folder (no such folder exists but you know what I mean).

Anyway, I have a busy day today so I won't be doing any more flashes during the day but I intend to get writing again tonight.

p.s. Kellie, shame on you for reading P.S. I Love You Twice! I hope you can blame that on your hormones! ;o)


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

THAT is VERY heartening. Congratulations!

Leigh said...

Congratulations, Cally.

And well done for the Children in Need writing. Did you have to drink the whole bottle within the hour, too?

HelenMH said...

Brilliant - well done! And congrats on the Children In Need thing, I don't think I'd be capable of writing my own name at 3am!

A. Writer said...

Well done! Very productive!

SallyQ said...

Congratulations on the hit and the CIN effort, Cally!

Kellie said...

Saldy no Cals, I read that bag o' shite years ago. And $50 works out to be about three quid. No, just kidding, actually about 20 quid. Either way, CONGRATS, and I will look for it in my local good book store. Or Borders.

XX Kel