Thursday, 1 November 2007

Good God - I actually did some editing!

I really didn't want to do any editing tonight but I knew that the longer I left the editing the less likely I was to start doing it again. Luckily I still had pages and pages of hand scribbled edits to type up so I didn't have to concentrate too much.

5% done tonight and that puts my editing at 78% done. There's just 70 pages left to edit (of 340 pages) and I've hand edited 22 of those pages so not much more to do. Hooray!

And then it's onto editing stage 2....


Leigh said...

And you manage to be so damned cheerful about it!

Lane said...

You are editing for England!

CTaylor said...

Leigh - it's all a front ;o)

Lane - I wish!