Saturday, 3 November 2007

I am...

getting a bit addicted to this:

Helicopter Game

and, as a result, probably developing RSI.

My current highest score is 836.

Can you beat it? (probably)


JJ said...

Well, now I've GOT to be a writer, cause clearly I'm never going to make it as a Helicopter Pilot!


A. Writer said...

Love it! I'm rubbish at it but I love it!


I'm never going to get anything done now, thank you! Highest score 578 so far...

womagwriter said...

I can't do it at all! :-(

hesitant scribe said...

This is too funny! Am very rubbish at it (272 best score) but what fun.

It reminds me - last week my husband bought a remote controlled helicopter for his brother's birthday (oh - hope he doesn't read this!). He tried it out in the garden and it took off and went clear over the house! He ran round to get it, and was handed it by a very irate neighbour (it hit his window and then bounced off his car). He looked like a naughty 10 year old when he skulked home, red-faced!

Dunno if it still works, but he's too scared to try it out now!

CTaylor said...

JJ - me neither. My passengers would be fearing for their lives!

A.Writer - I know what you mean

Karen - Glad to help. I'm always looking for an excuse not to write!

Womag - it takes a bit of practice. Persevere! Or write instead (I must stop corrupting other writers!)

Hesitant - that's so funny!